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summer is here

empty classroom=full backyard 🙂


This morning I walked in a pre-kindergartener and a 1st grader to their last classes.

This afternoon I picked up a kindergartener and a 2nd grader.

Someone told me today “God will fill in the gaps,” as it refers to knowing how to parent and shepherd. But today there are different gaps.

Sigh. Tears. I hear His whisper today…

Trust in Me to fill in the gaps.

Trust in Me to fill in the gaps of silence when the children leave.

Trust Me to fill in the long summer days when we wonder what do to with all the free time.

Trust Me to yes, fill in the gap for that which we do not know, those things for which we ask for wisdom.


A lot of times we think of a “filler” in our modern language as synonymous with “extra.” But we’ve been women long enough to know that’s not true at all.

There’s nothing extra about the desperate desire for our lives to be filled and ache we feel when we perceive it’s not. Don’t buy in to the lie that we can’t have it. The Filler is very PRESENT and ALIVE AND WELL.

He’s familiar with the hurt of empty and and wanting so badly to bottle it all up. He’s no stranger to the hard thing of letting go. And yet, His love is beyond. His ways are not ours. He gave up His own son so the Filler could be ours to hold forever.


Watch in faith and expectation with me this summer as He shows us all the ways He is the Filler.


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